Sample acceptance

Samples are accepted on weekdays from 9.30AM to 16.30PM at Margrietas iela 7, Rīga, at the room with a sign “Paraugu pieņemšana”.

The client is obliged to provide relevant accompanying document containing information about the samples (e.g., contract, letter, sample acceptance certificate etc.).

If the client does not have the documents it is possible to fill in the application form in the laboratory. The application form requires the client to provide the following information:


  • client’s name and address
  • location of the object (if necessary)
  • date and executor of the sampling
  • location and depth of the sampling
  • type of the sample (e.g., clay, sand, soil etc.)
  • required indices (to be confirmed with the laboratory)
  • contact person, phone number or e-mail address

New clients are requested to provide company’s particulars.

The client can fill in the application form for testing online (application forms can be found here) (download) and send it to laboratory’s e-mail or print the filled form and hand it along with the samples.


2.7.4. Storage and liquidation of the samples

Upon the mutual agreement between the client and laboratory, the samples are being stored for a specified period of time, afterwards they are returned to the client or liquidated.

If the mutual agreement had not been made, the samples are liquidated a week after the testing report has been sent to the client.